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Silja Siller

My Story

I am Silja - a soul passionate about the art of yoga & teaching, dedicated wellness coach and
inspirational educator. With a heart brimming with joy and a spirit radiating love, I have been part of wellness industry and coaching for over 25 years. My journey has been a tapestry woven with the threads of experience, wisdom, and a relentless passion to uplift those around me. My expertise doesn't just come from years of practice, but from an unquenchable thirst for learning and through countless hours of study, exploration, travelling and self-discovery.

With a deep passion for wellness and a commitment to helping others find inner joy, peace and physical balance, I’ve traveled in many countries, studying under some of the most renowned yoga
teachers and immersing myself in various styles of yoga, teaching and learning at the same time.
Well versed in anatomy and biomechanics, my classes are known for their focus on alignment and
safe, effective practices. I believe part of my uniqueness comes from the ability to break down
complex postures and make them accessible to students of all levels, helping them to build
strength, flexibility, and confidence on the mat.

In addition to my technical expertise, I believe in creating a safe, fun and supportive environment
for students to deepen their practice and learn about themselves, which is why I do my best to
bring humour, joy and lightness to my classes. Whether leading a heated Vinyasa flow or a calming
restorative session, I aim to inspire and motivate students to find their love towards themselves
and their bodies.
I continue to study and evolve my own practice, bringing fresh insights and new perspectives to the
classes and luckily, I’ve been able to teach in many different countries & locations, sharing my craft and meeting countless wonderful students both North and South.
My belief is that I don’t just teach yoga - I create an enchanting experience that touches the
students hearts and souls. Infused with boundless joy, I aim to make my classes a celebration of
movement, mindfulness, and inner growth - it's not just about poses - it's about embracing life with
open arms.
Love is the essence that flows through my teachings and this allows me to create safe and
nurturing spaces, which in turn has touched countless lives, forging connections that extend far
beyond the mat. My students have said to not just come to learn yoga, yet also to find solace,
healing, and a genuine sense of belonging.

As a person and therefore also professionally, my greatest strength is awareness, flexibility and the
ability to let go & truly listen. I do not adhere to any school or doctrine, because the most important
thing for me is the true potential of a person and one’s genuineness. This gives me the opportunity
to communicate openly and to create and hold space, allowing everyone to be, experience, learn
and develop if and how they want.

In a world that often rushes by, I do my best to be a reminder to pause, breathe, rejoice and
embrace the present moment. This is why I invite you to step onto the mat, not as a mere
practitioner, but as a seeker of joy, love, and holistic well-being.
Join me on this transformative journey, and let your life be touched by the magic we can weave


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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