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Heidi Timonen

My Story

I'm Heidi, a seasoned yoga teacher and eternal wanderer of the world and life. Through the practice of yoga across various lands and hearts, I've had the privilege of meeting incredible souls and witnessing the power of transformations.

My love affair with transformation began over 15 years ago, leading me into the world of yoga and travels, offering over a decade of international teaching experience. Living and teaching across diverse countries, I've witnessed the enchantment that unfolds when people from different backgrounds unite. Creating spaces in yoga is a deep joy for me—places for us to come together, reflect, and celebrate our differences and life.

Every journey is unique. In my interactions with diverse individuals, I've delved into a spectrum of yoga and meditation techniques, ranging from dynamic vinyasa to the calm of yin, incorporating pauses and mindful breathing. Even fun yoga on paddle boards is within my skill set. My teaching style is modern and revolves around moving energy, trusting your inner guidance, and embracing lights and shadows with boundless compassion and self-acceptance.

Amidst life's ever-shifting landscapes, I've learned to find home within, anchoring myself regardless of external circumstances. It's like having an unshakeable mountain within, providing stability even in the stormiest moments. Conquering that mountain demanded time, introspection, and a fearless confrontation of limiting beliefs and shadows. Enormous beauty lies in challenges and experiencing life here on earth while acknowledging our souls—this is my inspiration, which I share through yoga.

Change is inevitable, and so is the growth that blossoms alongside it. In the dance of life, imagine me as your personal sunbeam, radiating warmth and casting a glow on your path. Through these magical moments of insight and awakening, let's traverse this beautiful journey, united in radiance and discovery.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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