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Chanti Häberli

My Story

I am Chanti, a dedicated proponent of holistic well-being with a profound passion for yoga therapy and life coaching. Over the course of more than a decade, I've woven together a vibrant tapestry of experiences that have granted me a deep insight into the intricate interplay between mind, body, and soul.

My origins trace back to Switzerland, and currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. My personal journey has been a constant evolution, sparked by my love for yoga and its transformative potential. This journey has led me to become a seasoned guide, offering others a path toward personal growth and inner harmony.

What sets my approach apart is the fusion of traditional yoga philosophy with contemporary life coaching techniques. Within my thoughtfully crafted sessions, I empower individuals to unearth their inner reservoirs of resilience and self-awareness. I employ an array of tools, including mindful breathing, meditation, and the melodic vibrations of singing bowls, infusing an element of holistic healing into my offerings.

As a mother and practitioner, my nurturing and empathetic essence infuses every facet of my work. My unwavering commitment revolves around assisting others in discovering their own avenues to abundance, joy, and profound purpose. Whether through the transformative medium of yoga or the insightful realm of life coaching, I stand ready to illuminate paths toward a more harmonious and gratifying life journey.

I am thrilled at the prospect of sharing a part of your journey and I am looking forward to the time we will spend together.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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